Fall 2019 Season Entrance Ends Extended To Tuesday, July 16

Fall 2019 Season Entrance Ends Extended To Tuesday, July 16

Entrance for the Fall 2019 LVYSL has been extended to Tuesday, July 16.

Any clubs/teams having difficulties registering on GotSoccer or associating their teams/clubs with the LVYSL should contact GotSoccer at clubs@gotsport.com

Below are the steps to follow to join the LVYSL for our Fall 2019 Season, which will run Sept. 7 though Nov. 24, minus the Columbus Day Weekend of Oct. 12-13,  giving us 11 full weekends of league play. 

Important Dates:

  • Fall Season Entrance Closes July 12
  • Preliminary Fall Divisions Posted July 19
  • Division Appeals July 19-23
  • Clubs Receive Schedule July 31
  • Clubs FInish Schedules Aug. 12
  • Schedule Made Public Aug. 19.
  • Season begins Sept. 7

Fall 2019 Got Soccer Entrance Instructions

1.) How to login to your GotSoccer “Club” Account. - You already have a GotSoccer club account. Click on THIS LINK (https://www.gotsport.com/asp/directors/passwordlookup.asp)  and enter your e-mail address to receive your club username/password. Once you have it, login to your club account. 

Help article for how to login if needed:  https://gotsoccer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000432387-How-do-I-log-into-my-Club-Account-

2.) How to view the teams in your current club: Login and click on Club—>Teams. 

From there you will have a full list of any teams that are a part of GotSoccer AND your club. The two help articles below go through how to add a new team, or import an existing one. There are also help articles on how to archive an old team if needed. 

3.) How to add a new team if needed by either importing, or creating a new one:

   3a.) Create a new team - https://gotsoccer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002968028-How-Do-I-Add-a-New-Team-to-My-Club

    3b.) Import a team that already exists, but does not appear in my club - https://gotsoccer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002968288-Importing-an-existing-team-into-a-club-account

How To Register Teams Into A League And Select The Division

The following article will demonstrate how to enter teams from your club or association into a league and select the division for the teams. 


Step One:

From the overview, click the "Club" tab. 



Step Two:

Click "Teams" in the grey menu bar. 


Step Three:

Click the dropdown next to "Register Teams In:" and select the event. 


Step Four:

Click the "Select" button. 


 Step Five: 

Under "Fee Group", select the fee group, then check the box next to the teams you wish to enter and click "Enter Selected Teams". 


After you have finished these steps, the league you selected will be able to see your entered teams. 

How to create / edit fields - https://gotsoccer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013805768-Setting-Up-Fields-  You an also click on a field then simply edit the details if needed as well.

To Include Blackout Dates For Teams:

1.) The adding of the blackout dates is a second step. After you submit the teams, go back to Club—>Teams and click on the name of a team. Once on that team, go to “Event Registration” and then click on the LVYSL Fall 2019 event. 

Lastly click on “Exception Requests” where you may enter the blackouts specific to your team. 


Please Download and fill out the 2019-2020 Season Entrance Worksheet and include with your payment.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember that clubs must submit a group payment that covers every team entered into the fall season along with the required security bond of $50 per team to a maximum of $400 per club and that payment MUST be accompanied by a list of teams entered by age and gender. Teams that pay individually will have checks returned to them (unless, of course, the club has just one team playing in the season).

Deadline for payment is Saturday, Aug. 31.

Please make all checks out to LVYSL and mail to:


P.O. Box M

Laurys Station PA 18059