Spring 2017 Season Timeline

Below is the timeline of important events for the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League's Spring 2017 season. Club and team officials should make note of all of these dates so that important deadlines are not missed. More information on these events will be sent to clubs at the appropriate points in the process.


Spring 2017 Season Event Date
Season Entrance Opens January 19, 2017
Season Entrance Closes March 7, 2017
Divisions Posted March 8, 2017
Appeal Period Begins March 8, 2017
Appeal Period Ends March 9, 2017
Final Divisions Posted March 10, 2017
Clubs Get Schedules March 13, 2017
Clubs Finish Schedules March 19, 2017
Final Schedules Released March 22, 2017
First Date of Spring Games April 1, 2017
Final Date of Spring Games June 4, 2017