LVYSL Spring 2020 Season Entry Deadline Is Feb. 24

LVYSL Spring 2020 Season Entry Deadline Is Feb. 24

The LVYSL Spring 2020 Season Entrance process is now open.

Our Spring dates from April 4 through June 14. We will play no games Easter Sunday, April 12. or Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-24. Our 41st annual tournament is June 13-14.

We are once again utilizing GotSoccer, so teams interested in accumulating rankings points can take advantage through our league.

Registration link for LVYSL Spring 2020 Season.

Remember to include $50 performance bond for each team you enter up to a maximum of $400 per club. You are required to use our Season Entrance Worksheet to list all the teams you are entering into the LVYSL and send it, along with payment or proof of payment, to:



P.O. Box M

Laurys Station, PA 18059 

These are the important dates for the spring season, which are subject to change. 

This is the timeline of important events for the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League's Spring 2020 season. 


Spring 2020 Season Event Date
Season Entrance Opens Dec. 2, 2020
Season Entrance Closes Feb. 24, 2020
Divisions Posted March 5, 2020
Appeal Period Begins March 5, 2020
Appeal Period Ends March 10, 2020 (12 p.m.)
Final Divisions Posted March 10, 2020 (by 11 p.m.)
Clubs Get Schedules March 13, 2020
Clubs Finish Schedules March 22, 2020
Final Schedules Released March 24, 2020
First Date of Spring Games April 4, 2020
Final Date of Spring Games June 14, 2020