New Substitution Rule Begins Spring 2018

New Substitution Rule Begins Spring 2018

The Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League's substitution rule has changed.

During February's LVYSL general membership meeting, membership voted to allow substitutions at any stoppage, subject to the referee's discretion.

The new language for the subsitution rule, Paragraph 2, now reads: 

"2. In all games, substitutions may occur at any stoppage of play at the referee’s discretion based upon advantage and time management. Substitutes must be at the midfield line and ready to enter. No substituting from the bench is allowed. Coaches sending players directly from the bench will not be allowed to substitute that player during that stoppage."

Please note that coaches are not to send their substitue players onto the field. They send them to the midfield area. Only the referee can summon a player onto the field. 

Check out the LVYSL's Rules of Play for the entire rule.