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Scheduling For Fall 2019

Scheduling For Fall 2019

The LVYSL Fall 2019 Schedule is now available for Club Officials to schedule time and fields.


Coaches should express any time or date conflicts with their club officials to solve them now, before the Sunday, Aug. 18 deadline. Schedules will go public on Tuesday, Aug. 19. The season begins Saturday, Sept. 7 and concludes Sunday, Nov. 24.


Current club administrators, please make sure your organization's contact information (along with coach information) is up to date.


Before you begin your end of the scheduling process, please make sure your fields are up to date.

For step-by-step instructions to enter fields and schedule games, click on the links below.


How to schedule your club’s home games for LVYLS



How to schedule a game video: 


How to create a field video: 


How to create a field article:


How a “TEAM” schedules their own home game: (Remember a team cannot create a field). 


GotSoccer Team Chat tool (For teams to talk about game changes, uniform colors, parking etc.) 


FAQs - The system won’t let me schedule certain games on a field? It’s possible that the ages/gender are not set, this must be done by the club. See how to create a field and the “Availability” section for help with that. 

My field looks grey’d out - That means your club has set the field to not available. You will need to contact the club for them to update the available field dates.


  • Preliminary Fall Divisions Posted July 24
  • Division Appeals July 24- August 4
  • Clubs Receive Schedule Monday, Aug. 5
  • Clubs Finish Schedules Monday, Aug. 19
  • Schedule Made Public Tuesday, Aug. 20
  • Season begins Sept. 7