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Reschedule Request Rules and Procedures

The Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League's reschedule request rules and procedures beginning  with the 2018/2019 seasonal year have been updated. These rules of play are available on the LVYSL website. All club and team personnel should familiarize themselves with the rules and procedures regarding the rescheduling of any game on the LVYSL schedule.

There are FIVE (5) allowable reasons to reschedule a game:

  1. State cup match conflict.
  2. Soccer tournament conflict.
  3. Loss of field due to closure or unplayable conditions.
  4. Canceled match due to weather-related conditions.
  5. Olympic Development Program (ODP) conflict. As an EPYSA function and program that LVYSL encourages for all league players, ODP conflicts will be considered based on requesting team’s roster size and number of requesting team’s players involved.

Provisions may be made to change schedules for the very rare instance where a higher priority was not planned in advance. 

Each team may have one discretionary reschedule, at a fee of $50, beyond the reasons stated above.

Requests to reschedule games for ANY other reason will be declined. 

All reschedule requests should be sent to and MUST include the following information in this format:

  • Reason for Reschedule Request
  • Game Number
  • Original Date 
  • Division and Gender 
  • Home Team
  • Away Team
  • New Date, Time & Field 
  • Confirmation within the e-mail (via forwarded e-mail or copy-and-paste of text) that the opposing team has agreed to the request.
  • Officials from both teams should be copied on the e-mail.

The reschedule process must be initiated by contacting the opposing team as soon as possible and no later than 24-hours after a team becomes aware of the need to reschedule. Please check the FInes & Fees Schedules for not adhering to this.

Initial contact should be made via telephone call and not e-mail to ensure a timely response. Authorized representatives of the teams (coaches, assistant coaches, or managers listed on the LVYSL website) must come to an agreement regarding the place, date, and time for the rescheduled game before contacting the league to request the reschedule. Clubs should also take into account the league's directive regarding block scheduling when rescheduling games.

If the two coaches cannot agree upon a new date, time and location the requesting team should contact the league immediately and the games commissioner will arbitrate the dispute and have the final say as to when and where the game will be played.

Reschedules within the last two weeks of play must be submitted within 72 hours after the original scheduled game time.  

If the change is approved, league officials will make the appropriate change on the LVYSL website and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to all team officials. 

It is each team’s responsibility to understand and apply the league's rules accordingly.  Any questions regarding schedule change requirements should be directed to the Executive Director.